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Welcome to Season 1 Episode 15 of The Savvy Women Show.

In this episode, Erica Ollmann Saphire, P.h.D., MBA & Gina Kirchweger, Ph.D., Rachel and I discuss the immune system and the not so obvious difference between women and men.

So, if you want to hear the stories of 2 incredibly successful women in science and how the La Jolla Institute for Immunology is making a difference in the world, tune in now!

In this episode, you’ll discover:

“The Not So Obvious Difference Between Men and Women with Cool Women Dr. Saphire & Dr. Kirchweger”

  • Introduction to the La Jolla Institute For Immunology
  • A basic understanding of the immune system.
  • How men and women’s immune systems are different.
  • The immune system’s huge role in day to day health.
  • The incredible precision of the immune system.

About Our Guest

Erica Ollmann Saphire, P.h.D., MBA & Gina Kirchweger, Ph.D. are accomplished scientists specializing in immunology whose accomplishments include:

Dr. Saphire:

  • Professor, Scripps Research
  • President & CEO, La Jolla Institute For Immunology
  • BS in Biochemistry
  • BS Cell Biology & Evolutionary Biology
  • MBA, UC San Diego
  • D., Scripps Research
  • Director of the Coronavirus Immunotherapy Consortium (CoVIC)
  • Presidential Early Career Award in Science and Engineering
  • 2023 Pantheon Awardee for Academia, Non-Profit, & Research.
  • Fulbright Global Scholar Fellowship, US Department of Stare
  • 2024 Cool Women Award, Girl Scouts of America

Dr. Kirchweger

  • Chief Communications Officer / Chief of Staff, La Jolla Institute For Immunology
  • Masters Degree, Molecular Biology, University of Vienna
  • Doctorate, Biology, University of Vienna
  • Science Communication Program, UC Santa Cruz
  • 2024 Cool Women Award, Girl Scouts of America

More Information

Learn more about The La Jolla Institute For Immunology visit https://www.lji.org/


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