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Student Loan Management

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Click on the image above to view this Proactive Wealth video Student Loan Management In this Proactive Wealth Education episode Carter Davis and Anita Algunos of Hope Credit educate us about student loan forgiveness and repayment plans. Yes… there is

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What You Need To Know Before Starting a Business

Tips for Starting a Business

Leeanne shares what you need to know before starting a business. We also cover what you should do if you are thinking of getting back into the workforce, working with a spouse and managing work life balance.

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Financial Planning: Buy or Lease a Car?

Should I buy or lease a car?

 Today’s tip will cover “Buying vs. Leasing a Car?” When it comes to buying vs. leasing a car, it really depends on your lifestyle, cash flow – meaning what income you have coming in and what expenses you need

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Living Your Dream with Lupe Hairston

Interview with Lupe Hairston, Business Owner of Freedom Window Cleaning. We discuss Living the Dream, the American Dream. The challenges, how to be successful owning a business with your spouse, staying focused, work life balance and working on your business.

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Why Investing Early is Important

The earlier you begin saving and investing for your retirement, the greater for potential gain and the more time you will have for potential growth.  By investing early and staying invested, you will be able to take advantage of compound

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What is the Financial Planning Process?

“What is THE FINANCIAL PLANNING PROCESS?” Creating a financial plan requires you to examine your current situation, set goals and decide how to measure your progress.  A CFP ® professional is uniquely qualified to take you through the financial planning

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Who can I talk to about my Finances?

Much of the literature that we read says that the majority of women do not engage the services of a financial advisor or a financial planner. The reasons are many, but one of them is that many women do not

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After the Proposal

After the Proposal “To Do” List: 5 Wedding Day Tasks for the Newly Engaged (click here to download in pdf format) Want to review your financial situation with a pro? Fill out the form below for a free consultation.

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