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“Can you roll an old 401K to another 401k?”

When you leave a job for another company or when you transition into retirement, you have several options to consider.

An old 401k can be left with the original plan sponsor if your account balance is over their account balance minimum which can be $5000 or more depending on the company.

It can also be rolled over into a Traditional IRA or Roth IRA, distributed as a lump sum cash payment or rolled over to your new employer’s 401K if the plan accepts rollovers.

A rollover occurs when you receive a distribution of cash or other assets from one qualified retirement plan and contribute all or part of the distribution within 60 days to another qualified retirement plan or traditional IRA. A rollover is not taxable but it is reportable on Form 1099-R.   For your specific tax related questions consult with your tax advisor.

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