Savvy Women Invest on Purpose

Wine & Wealth Workshop

Wednesday, February 19th at 5:15p

In this workshop we talk about your natural strengths as a woman and how those strengths apply to managing money and investing.
Catherine, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER(tm) will facilitate the discussion.
She’ll also offer tips, including how to find the right relationship with a investment adviser. Someone you feel comfortable with. Someone you trust.
Join us for wine and appetizers while you get re-energized about your financial future, create a new vision of what is possible with your money, and develop more confidence making financial decisions.
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Becoming a Seriously Savvy Woman Webinar

Becoming a Seriously Savvy Woman

Wine & Wealth Workshop

Wednesday, March 18th, 5:15p – 6:15p (CANCELLED)

More women today have money than ever before. So what’s the problem? For most of us money promises fewer problems, greater freedom, and security. Yet for many women, they know they need to do something, but they haven’t any idea what it is they need to do.

Join us for wine and appetizers and learn:
The Four Rules of Money for Women, Why Risk is Not Synonymous with Loss and What you need to do to Become Financially Empowered.

RSVP by calling #760-692-5700 or completing the online form.

How to Budget, Plan and Set Goals

Lifestyle by Design

Video Training

(How to Budget, Create a Financial Plan and Set Goals)

In this video you will learn our Lifestyle by Design process that will help you clarify your unique wants and needs to create a financial plan unique to your style of living.

Understanding what each investment product is designed to do for you and how it will help you achieve your Life by Design is critical in creating more comfort and confidence.

Most women are excellent at multi-tasking as a result they often thrive when provided a clear process that works for them, a process they can visualize and embrace. Something that makes sense to them and their life.

While it’s important to understand the function and purpose of each product or investment in your financial plan the foundation of that plan should start with YOU what YOU want and hope to accomplish in your life.

This understanding is essential to creating financial awareness and developing a wealth plan that creates more comfort when making important financial decisions.

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